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About us

The Distance Learning Center, LLC was developed in 1997 to provide quality drug/alcohol training via distance learning, but also a variety of resources to assist candidates for credentialing to prepare for their credentialing examinations to the best of their abilities, allowing them to successfully navigate their credentialing examinations.  We are composed of two unique sites:

The Distance Learning Center for Addiction Studies (DLCAS) is an internet based educational service that provides comprehensive training and information in the field of drug/alcohol studies. Such knowledge will help individuals stay current with the advances of the field as well as provide the educational training hours needed to either obtain or maintain a credential as a drug/alcohol counseling professional. Addiction Education by way of distance learning is an exciting format that can help save you considerable amounts of both time and money by allowing you to do your training in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.

About Our Coursework

DLCAS.com currently offers the largest number of addiction education courses available on the Internet. We work to ensure that our catalog has the newest and most appropriate titles available to help you obtain or maintain your knowledge of addiction and treatment related concerns. We work with some of the leading authors, trainers, and educators in the field today to bring you the best education available on the World Wide Web. 


ReadyToTest.com was created to assist counseling professionals who are working to obtain a credential (licensure or certification) as a drug/alcohol professional. All states, as well as many countries, recognize drug and alcohol counseling professionals by offering counselor licensure or certification in various ways. Some states offer licensure and as such, have a state office or agency in charge of such credentialing. Other states offer credentialing through private certification/credentialing boards, who are typically members or in cooperation with one of the following bodies:

  • IC&RC (International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium)
  • NAADAC - the Association for Addiction Professionals
  • The American Academy of Health Care Providers

 ReadyToTest.com publications and materials can assist you in the following ways:

  • provide written materials to help you review and/or prepare for your basic drug and alcohol credentialing examinations (appropriate for IC&RC, NAADAC, the American Academy and most state-specific exams)
    • includes a comprehensive content review manual for the basic drug/alcohol credentialing
    • "how-to" guides for both the written and oral exams, including sample written exams and sample oral responses
    • online sample exams with immediate scoring and review
  • provide written materials to help you review and/or prepare for the advanced drug/alcohol credential (IC&RC and NAADAC offer advanced AODA credentialing) and/or specialty credentialing examinations
  • Provide online sample tests to explore your knowledge of the field and your test taking skills.