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Understanding and Using the New ASAM Criteria for Addictive, Substance-Related and Co-Occurring Conditions (12 hours)

Understanding and Using the New ASAM Criteria for Addictive, Substance-Related and Co-Occurring Conditions (12 hours)


This 12 hour course by Gerald "Jerry" Shulman will provide the trainee with the basic underlying principles of the ASAM Criteria and their role in individualized treatment. It will also outline the various level of service and identify how the criteria guide the match of patients to the appropriate level of care. In addition, it will describe the changes from the ASAM PPC-2R as well as the new sections of the ASAM Criteria. The goal of his course is to provide the learner with sufficient skills to perform a comprehensive, ASAM six dimension assessment and use those results to organize a clinical summary and recommend clinically appropriate clinical placement. The course incorporates clinical practice suggestions and specific hands-on exercises to help understand how to begin to implement the ASAM Criteria and move from program-driven services to individualized treatment.


By participating in this Distance Learning Course, the trainee will:

  • Describe the basic underlying concepts and principles of the ASAM Criteria.
  • Define the various levels of service; what defines the intensity of service; and how they fit together into a continuum of care.
  • Describe the changes in the DSM-5 which impact on the diagnosis of substance use disorders.
  • Apply the diagnostic and admission criteria and how to use them to match patients to appropriate levels of service.
  • Identify and use the changes from the ASAM PPC-2R to the ASAM Treatment Criteria for Addictive, Substance-Related and Co-Occurring Disorders.
  • Apply the information about the four special populations to their patients in such populations.
  • Assess patients for gambling problems.
  • Apply information about tobacco use disorder to program approaches to smoking and patient treatment of tobacco use disorders.
  • Summarize beginning steps to implement the ASAM Criteria to move from program-driven care to person-centered, individualized services.
  • Apply the changes in Substance Use Disorders section in the DSM-5 to the diagnostic assessment process and the use of the ASAM Criteria.

Gerald “Jerry” Shulman, President of Shulman & Associates, Training and Consulting in Behavioral Health is based in Jacksonville, FL. He has been involved full time for over 50 years as a clinician, clinical supervisor, administrator, trainer and consultant providing services in 44 states and 6 foreign countries. His work has concentrated on developing and promoting innovative behavioral health treatment that values clinical integrity, high quality, and cost-consciousness. The focus of his training and consulting is the ASAM Criteria (he is an author of each of the four editions as well as the ASAM Supplement on Pharmacotherapy for Alcohol Use Disorders), the DSM-5, relapse prevention, customer service in behavioral health, older adults with substance use and mental health disorders, treatment planning, assessment, gambling disorders, case management and pharmacotherapy for substance use disorders. He is a licensed psychologist, Master Addiction Counselor and a Fellow of the American College of Addiction Treatment Administrators. He was Chair of the Criteria Committee of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Programs (NAATP), a forerunner of the ASAM Criteria.

Jerry Shulman has published over 100 articles, books, book chapters and assessment instruments, has revised state SUD and mental licensing criteria and admission, continued service and discharge criteria for insurance companies and managed care organizations.

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