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Addiction: A Biopsychosocial Model (3 hours)

Addiction: A Biopsychosocial Model (3 hours)


This 3 hour course is designed to introduce clinicians to Terence Gorksi’s understanding of the Biopsychosocial Model of the nature of addictions.


By participating in this Distance Learning Course the student will be able to:

    • Define what mind altering drugs are and why people use/abuse them.
    • Explain the three categories of addictive risk factors.
    • Distinguish between social usage, abuse, and addiction to mind altering drugs.
    • Define the three stages of addiction.
    • Understand the progressive symptoms and stages of addiction.

    Terence T. Gorski is an internationally recognized expert on substance abuse, mental health, violence, & crime. He is best known for his contributions to relapse prevention, managing chemically dependent offenders, and developing community-based teams for managing the problems of alcohol, drugs, violence, and crime. He has extensive experience working with employee assistance programs (EAP) and has special expertise in working with emergency professionals including fire, medical, and law enforcement. He is a prolific author and has published numerous books and articles. He is also the founder of CENAPS®. Founded in 1982, CENAPS is a private training and consultation firm committed to providing the most advanced training in the chemical dependency and behavioral health fields.

    Internet Format - Coursework that is available immediately via a downloadable PDF file (a popular online format that requires you to have the Adobe Reader program, or one similar, installed on your computer).  Many websites already use this very user friendly file format, so chances are you already have a PDF reader installed on your computer.  This format allows faster downloading, easier reading, and easier printing. All course materials will be included, as will the link to the post-test required for course completion.  Access and downloading information will be immediately sent to the email address you provide at checkout. There is no additional charge for this format.  

    USB Flash Drive Format - Different computers, processors, ISP's, and software make it sometimes difficult or time-consuming to capture materials provided via the Internet.  As a result, we've added the Flash Drive format to our list of options.  With this format we will send you a Flash Drive by Priority Mail that can be used on any computer, laptop, tablet with a USB port. The drive will include a PDF copy of the course or courses ordered along with the test link needed to complete your course using our online test system.  This option will include additional per course costs for materials/shipping/handling.

    Hard Copy Format - Coursework that is delivered to you by Priority Mail in book form.  All course materials will be included, as will the post-test required for course completion.  For immediate results and faster certificate processing an email containing instructions on how to access your post-test online will be sent to the email address provided at checkout. Should you not want to submit the test yourself, a mail/fax form is also included that will allow you to mail or fax your test responses to us for processing.  Hard copy courses will include additional per course costs for materials/shipping/handling.

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